B-1 Lancer

The B-1 Lancer Paper Airplane is one of the advanced paper airplanes. It is recommended to download the template sheet because it requires accurate pre-cutings. It is not easy model to fold, but it is certainly one of the amazing paper airplanes you will enjoy.

B-1 Lancer Paper Airplane Template is available. For download Click HERE

Folding Instructions

 Step 1
With the patterned side up, crease paper vertically along line 1. Mountain fold along line 2 for both sides.
Cut along line 3 and other red lines for wings, tail fins and canopy.

Step 2
Valley fold along line 6 and mountain fold along line 7.



Step 3
3. Repeat similar steps for lines 4 and 5. Valley fold for line 4, then mountain fold
for line 5. Turn the paper over

Step 4
Valley fold along line 8. Crease only where shown. Then repeat for lines 12
and 13. See line numbers on the atterned side.



Step 5

Mountain fold top layer flap as shown.
Repeat steps 4 and 5 on right side. Mountain fold model in half.

Step 6
Fold down wings along line 15.

Step 7
and attach the canopy and tail fin as shown. Tip: For better flight, insert a paper clip under the canopy.




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