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Here are some comments from people who have visited this website or purchased my Paper Airplane Calendar. Please send me any comments and suggestions you may have by e-mail.

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Webmaster/Designer: Kyong Hwa Lee    Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

I was looking at your website, and I thought it was great! I am deeply in love with paper airplanes, and have been looking for a good website for weeks! I am so happy I came across this, and this will help me make bigger, better paper airplanes. I would just like to thank you for making such a good, helpful website for youngsters like me to enjoy!

Thank You,
Alex from Maryland(April 16, 2018)


Thank You!
I bought your calendar as a present to myself... I can't put it down the most amazing little planes, interesting enough there is a movie to be release in Australia on the 15 of January 2015 "Paper Planes". I keep really entertained with my new hobby. Lina :-)

From Australia (Jan 7, 2015)


Thank You!
My 4 year old son is obsessed with paper airplanes and loves your site and designs. And being an aircraft structural repair craftsman for the U.S. Air Force, I am enjoying making designs on aircraft I hold a high respect for. Thank you for what you have made available to us, and I will be looking forward to purchasing one of the plane a day calendars.

Joshua Faughnan (May 15, 2013)


"Thank You Saturday"
'Thank You Saturday' is a story of one family reaching out to a another in need. In the story one little boy learned how to make paper airplanes from his dad. I would like to put one of your very simple plans in the book and
then lead the parents to the web site for more family fun. I often send out blogs and newsletters giving parents ideas. I would love to put your web site in one of them as well. Please correspond to this e-mail with your permission if you will so I may proceed. Thank you very much what a wonderful web site you have!

Melody Hope
Tikvah Publishing (Jan. 21, 2015)

* To visit Tivah Publishing website and to get more info about 'Thank You Saturday', click HERE.


Wow Mr Lee!
I love your site!! I teach at public school in South Africa and make airplanes for my learners as rewards:) they love them..escpecially the boys of course. I grew up making paper airplans with my brothers, but nothing like this! I wish I had found this site years ago. Thank you so much
Miss Daniels

From South Africa(Aug. 2, 2012 )



Thank You - Excellent Stuff,
I love folding aeroplanes – especially for my grandson - and thank you so much for sharing your designs like this. Much appreciated,
Stefaans du Plessis
From South Africa 2/3/2011


Hi Mr. Lee:
I came across your website by accident as I was looking for instructions how to fold paper planes. My oldest son, Yong-Uk, will be graduating from high school and he applied to the USAFA(US Airforce Academy), West Point and Coast Guard. He was accepted by all three.  Just last month, he decided to chose USAFA and will go for basic training come June 22 to Colorada Springs.  We are throwing a get-together celebration for him to give him a memorable send-off and a friend of mine came up with the idea of giving the guests paper planes as a party flavor. It would be right for the occasion.  I know it's copyrighted but hope you don't mind that I'm thinking of making them and giving one to each of my guest. .............

Lai-Foong (May 2, 2011)



Plane Designs

I am just amazed at the ease of construction of your paper airplanes and the great use of Graphics to enhance the planes. I fly for 2 non-profit organizations, Pilots for Christ and Servant Air Ministries, Inc. providing mission and Angel Medical Flight transportation. We exhibit at many air shows to raise funds to support our flights. I often sit at the table and fold up paper airplanes for the kids as an attraction to draw in the parents. I would like to use your designs and print similar graphics (like the American Lung Association did) with our logos on them in place of some of your design features you use. I typically just give the planes away to the kids or, occasionally, will charge a quarter or 50 cents each (covering costs of printing, paper, etc.) when in specific fund raising events. May I have permission to use your designs and the graphics found on your web page for this purpose?
Thanks for the opportunity to learn from you and share your folding (Origami) expertise.

D. B
Pilots for Christ International(Feb. 25,2011)


Fabulous Designs:
Your paper airplane designs are great – and much fun. I am a visiting professor at a business school in the UK. I would like to use a couple of your designs when I get students / clients to do tasks when we look at group dynamics. (The teams make the planes, but the real purpose is to help the groups understand the dynamics of working together under pressure). Would you be happy for me to do that if I put your copyright and details of your website on the bottom? Thank you in anticipation

David .....From UK 11/12/2010



I am Sam from India and I happened to visit your website. Its excellent and enhanced my knowledge about paper planes. I have now developed a hobby of making paper planes and you are the inspiration. Good luck . Keep up the good work.
Warm Regards,
Sam       From India  2/20/2009



Merci et bravo

I'm Chris from Belgium. I was playing some harmo this afternoon and I visited your Youtube page. Congratulations for your playing. Then, on this stormy saturday afternoon, I visited your site about paper airplanes. We spent our afternoon folding paper with my 7 years old Céline. I guess this was part of the moments she will remenber as an adult later, just thinking "My dad used to play with me when I was a child". I treasure these moments. I just wanted to thank you so much for this, Mr Lee. God bless you and your family. Best regards from Belgium, Europe.
Sorry for my english, I am french native speaker.    

  From Belgium 


Hi Mr. Lee,
I wanted to write and extend my personal thanks for your assistance with preparing a version of your Delta Fighter paper airplane for the American Lung Association’s 2009 Annual Report. I folded up a printed copy and not only does it fly beautifully but everyone here thinks is really great to have a personalized plane. We’re sure our donors will enjoy it, too.
Once the report is printed, probably by the end of February, I’ll send some sample copies to you for your files. Best regards, 

Jean D Haldorsen
American Lung Association ,

NY National Headquarters    2/1/2010



Dear Kyong,
I recently discovered your Amazing Paper Airplanes website


and was truly amazed at the great instructions and illustrations.  I am teaching a Preceptor Workshop for Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus, OH.  Preceptors are people who know their area of expertise very well and are called upon to orient new employees to their respective departments (nursing, respiratory therapy, radiology, etc.).  Teaching is something that they are not formally trained to do, so I teach the Preceptor Workshop to help give them some ideas about teaching.  I would like to use some of your airplane folding instructions and patterned sheets for an activity in which the preceptors have to teach a group of people a skill (in this case, how to make a paper airplane).  I noticed that your work is copyrighted, so I was wondering if you would give me permission to use your folding instructions and patterned sheets during my class.  Please let me know.  If you have any questions, my number is below or you can e-mail me.  Thank you for your consideration.

Rebecca M. Smith, MSN, RN
Organizational Learning and Development
Mount Carmel Health System ____________ Columbus, OH _______6/8/2009


Hi Mr. Lee,

First of all, thank you for your terrific site ... we've had lots of fun with it and really enjoy both making the planes, looking through the gallery, and reading the background.  I don't know if anyone else has had a problem, but we've tried to download the pattern for the Falcon Paper Plane several times but it will not open regardless of how we try to save or open it.  It keeps telling us the file is corrupted.  If you can take a look at what you've uploaded to see if there is a glitch, that would be great as we'd really like to try that design (and look forward to you uploading more patterns).

Thank you, again. C.J. Palmisano _C.J. Palmiss___ 11/15/2008

  Der Spiegels

Dear Mr. Lee,
I'm working for the online issue of a newsmag called "Der Spiegel". As we are planning a report about paper aeroplanes, I would like to ask if it would be possible to use some of the construction manuals you put on your website. It's understood, that in return we would link to your site and tell our readers that they can find more about paper aeroplanes there. As we are one of the most-clicked German websites at all, this could help to make your website even more popular than it is today. If you want to take a look on our website, you will find it here: . And if there are questions, just write me a mail or give me a call. Best regards
Kai Kolwitz           Berlin, Germany            

  Dec. 3, 2006


I love your paper planes. I found your paper plane site one night when I was searching your calendar after my friend brought his to my house. Your 2007 page-a-day calendar was excellent. And the 2008 one was even better. But my favorite plane is the F-22 in the gallery. I just made one, and it flies great! But I had trouble understanding the instructions because I didn't have a pattern. It would be great if you could put a pattern for the F-22. Your F-15s and F-16s fly great too. And I made on out of ten pieces of paper taped together. But the paper was to flimsy. Then I made one out of the foam those dollar store plane are made of. It flew 63.52 feet in 12 seconds. I also suggest an F-14 with movable wings. I hope you post a F-22 pattern and design an F-14.
Matt            From Canada    3/17/2008



Thank you for having such a great site Mr. Lee!   It is amusing to me the hobbies we pick up over the years that are a direct result of being a father (or grandfather in your case)...I would have thought it absurd 10 years ago when I was not a father that I would devote any time to folding paper airplanes!  I found your page through a Google search for Thay Yang, as I was going through his book "Equisite Interceptors" and was having some trouble with his designs and wanted to find other resources.  I downloaded your patterns for the F-16,  F-15 and Space shuttle and my sons (age 5&7) and I folded them on this Thanksgiving Day and had fun flying them outside.  The F-16 got great lift and seemed to glide down forever--quite incredible actually...the only problem was with repeated flight out there on the wet ground they rapidly died out as they picked up water droplets.....
I am ordering your 2008 calander book for my kids for Xmas! Please post more downloadable print patterns for the other designs!
Thanks again 
Ed       November 22, 2007  



I’m putting together a gallery of paper airplanes for Popular Mechanics’ website. I’d like to use your site’s downloadable F-16 diagram to give my readers a little DIY project they can print off and fly. Given your permission, I would credit as the source, and link to your site.

What do you think? Is that the best diagram to borrow, or is there one with more universal appeal?

Thanks in advance,
Harry Sawyers
Associate Editor
Popular Mechanics New York, NY                   11/11/2008

The paper airplane collection in this photo is Hee-Kyoung's #1 Treasure. She loves your Fold-A-Day Calendar so much and folded all by herself.

Young-Ok Lee,           Aug. 28, 2007

* Hee-Kyoung is my sister's grand-daughther in Korea.-Lee


Thank you so much for putting your instructions of how to make paper airplanes on the net.  I wanted to make a lot of F-117A's for my son's birthday.  His father worked in the Skunk Works.  We lost him in 2004 and my son has since become more interested in his father's life.
The more planes I made, the better I got.  I preprinted the "F-117A" markings on the 81/2 X 11 sheets which added a little pizzazz.

Thanks again,  Rosemary Meeker    Los Angeles, CA               5/7/2008

Webmaster's Note: "Skunk Works" is  Lockheed Martin's Advanced Development Programs. This secret project  was responsible for a number of famous aircraft designs such as U2 and F-117.


Mr. Lee,

I discovered your website today and was greatly impressed with your airplane designs and tried out several of the designs off of the website with great results.  I am an engineering student at the University of Texas at Austin and am a member of the Student Engineering Council and have been tasked with creating a daily planner that we distribute for free to all incoming freshmen.  The planner includes information about the College, Calendar dates, and puzzles, jokes, and other odds and ends to occupy students when they're bored.  I was wondering if I could include the designs from your website (particularly the Delta Fighter, the F-15 Eagle, the Nighthawk) in the planner.  I would, of course, credit you, include their copyright information and provide a link to your website.
Thank you for your time, Andrew Hanson,

University of Texas at Austin_____________ Austin, TX 6/9/2008