Cargo Plane

Folding Instructions

1. With the colored side face down, make diagonal creases and unfold. Fold the paper in half vertically and unfold. Mountain-fold across the intersection of the diagonal creases and unfold.

2. Lift both sides and bring them to the center line. Collapse the top part to make a triangle shape.


3. Fold the left top layer to the right side.

4. Fold edge of the left side to the center line. Crease and unfold.

5. Fold edge of the left side to the crease line C. Crease and unfold. Then fold the bottom corner B to the crease line you have made. Fold the left side A again to the crease line C.

6. Fold the left side along line C.

7. Fold the left side again along the center line.

8. Fold the top layer back to the left edge.

9. After step 8, the model looks like this diagram. Then repeat step 3 thru step 8 for the right side. Then the model will look like step 10 diagram.

10. Fold two wings to left.

11. Fold the bottom corner layers diagonally.


12. Repeat diagonal folding and crease and unfold.

13. Open the layers slightly. The bottom part should be stand up using the zig-zag crease line you have just made in step 12.

14. After tail part stands up, fold two edges down to make triangle shape of the tail wing.

15. Fold down the tail wings and fold tail corner diagonally to shape the tail fin.

16. The cargo plane model is complete.


Copyright © 2005 by Kyong H. Lee.  All rights reserved.