T-tail Airplanes

Air Canada Jazz CRJ-200ER
Photo by Jean-Phillippe Boulet

The T-tail is an aircraft tail configuration which consists in having the horizontal stabilizers in the top of the vertical one. It's name comes from the letter "T" shape it forms. The T-tail is seen in CRJ-200 planes with their engines in the rear body. One advantage of T-tail is that it allows the horizontal tail surfaces to remain clear of jet exhaust.

Scandinavian Airlines was a new customer of the CRJ-900 in 2008.
photo by Rriemann

The CRJ-900 is manufactured by the Bombardier Aerospace company. The company competes with Brazilian rival Embraer for the title of the third largest aircraft manufacturer after Boeing and Airbus. It is headquartered in Dorval, Quebec, Canada