Delta Wing Jet

Folding Instructions

Delta Wing Paper Airplane Template is available. For download Click HERE

1. Start with a letter size paper. Fold the paper in half crosswise and crease, then unfold.

2.  Use a ruler to draw folding line A as shown in figure. Repeat fold and unfold using valley fold and mountain fold. Push the right corner to make an inside reverse fold.

3. Draw folding lines A and fold and unfold along line A. Crease line B by bringing top edge C to line A. Crease B line and unfold.

4. Push the right side corner for an inside reverse fold.

5.  Fold the top right side layer to left and fold the second left side layer to right. Then turn the paper over.

6. Crease line A and B by bringing both top layer side edges to the center line.  Use a pencile and ruler to draw line C that connects two edge of the line A and B. Mountain fold tip section along line C.

7.  Draw line between A and B. Fold and unfold to crease line between A and B. Repeat this folding for the right side.

8. Pull the top layer upward while corner C meets E point and corner D meets F point. Crease line A and B become vally folding lines. See the figure of step 9 that is the goal of this step 8.

9.  Fold top layer crosswise to meet side edges meet the center line. 10. Bring the top corners to the center crease line and crease and unfold. Make an inside reverse fold the right side corner.

11. Fold the model in half. The left top corner should be inserted into the pocket of the right side fuselage.


12. Fold down the wings. Fold up the wing tips. It is optional for better stability.


13. Adjust the creases to get the model shown in the picture. Bend up the trailing edge of the wings or cut two elevators as shown in figure and bend them up. It will help lifting.


14. Tail fin can be added as shown instead of wing tip foldings. It requires an extra paper and cutting and taping. Now the Delta Wing is ready to fly. Note that the model likes fast launching speed in horizontal direction.


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