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Delta Wing Jet
Delta Wing Jet F-4 Phantom

This paper airplane is inspired by the Dassault Mirage Jet Fighter. The Delta Wing Jet Paper Airplane resembles the tail-less delta wing Mirage jet fighter.

F-15 Eagle Jet
F-15 Eagle Jet F-15 Eagle

This paper airplane is inspired by the McDonnell Douglas(now: Boeing) F-15 Eagle Jet Fighter. The Eagle Jet Paper Airplane looks like the real Eagle jet if you pay extra effort for cuttings. Origami version is also possible and its flight performance is excellent.

F-16A Falcon
F-16 Falcon
This F-16A Falcon paper airplane has a swept wing with leading-edge extensions that resemble the F-16 Falcon fighter jet. Although it is harder to make, it is certainly one of the best paper airplanes you can enjoy.

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Caution:To avoid eye injury, never fly a paper airplane toward another person.

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