I have co-authored the FOLD-A-DAY 2022 CALENDAR. It includes my 20 designs and 20 more David Mitchell's designs. My designs include : B-2 Spirit, Double Eagle, B-52 Stratofortress, DC-3 Plane, F-4 Phantom, Twin Prop, Seaplane, Piggyback Jet(Shuttle Carrier), P-51 Mustang, A-4 Skyhawk, Space Orbiter, DC-9 Airline, B-1B Lancer, P-47 Thunderbolt, F-5 Fighter Jet, B-777 Airliner, P-38 Lightning, Delta Dart, Swept-Wing Fighter and Glider.

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Front Cover of 2022 Calendar

Back Cover of 2022 Calendar

A Sample Page (Folding Instruction Page)

A Sample Page (Template Page)

My favorite models from Calendar

Comments/E-Mails about the Calendar


I just wanted to thank you and David Mitchell for such a wonderful creation. My 5 year old and I have a great time every breakfast making these planes.


Sept 21,2014


Dear Mr. Lee,

For Christmas this year I purchase the plane-a-day calendar, and my 5 year old son loves them! We are already to December 16th, he can't stop himself from building several each day. Also, when he is upset he builds them like they are a meditation tool, they calm him down. We now have a huge fleet. Thank you so much for sharing your creative gift with the world. We look forward to checking out new designs on your website. Franchesca Perez and Noah Baker

May 5, 2013

Noah and his Fleet!

(Sorry about the cropped small size iamge. Only half of his planes are shown here)


2010 Fold-A-Day Calendar
My husband got me your calendar for Christmas and I am having so much fun folding. They fly amazingly well. I find that having numbers and lines on the paper helps a lot.  I’m having to refold some of the airplane several times due to the confusing instruction but eventually get it built. I fly for the Federal Aviation Administration in Flight Inspection and everyone at work want in on the action. Keep up the fun work. It’s good to see people enjoy their work.


For my birthday on 14 December, my 12 year-old daughter gave me your  2010 fold-a-day calendar. I have been a pilot all my life, and it was  a delight to see the skill and thought and care that has gone into this product. My country (New Zealand) is the first country in the world to greet  each New Year (2010 is only 55 minutes old as I write this, and the  rest of the world is still in 2009). Just after midnight, my daughter  and I made Tuck, the first airplane, and we then spent a happy 20  minutes flying it. Thank you for making such an interesting product, and thank you even  more for my daughter's delight that she was able to give her father  such an attractive, engaging, well-designed, and lasting gift.  

Barry Florence-Bennett,  Taupo,

New Zealand
Dear Dr. Lee,
I bought the 2009 Paper Airplane Fold-a-Day Calendar in Dec 0f 2008. I have attached a picture of the entire year's airplanes taped to the wall in my office. I thought you might like to see it and perhaps share it with others. I have more pictures with different angles and close-ups if you are interested. I very much enjoyed the planes and looked forward to getting to the office every day to fold a new plane. Best regards,

Jerry Roth, PE

Hi Kyong Lee,
I’m a researcher working on the Graham Norton Show for the BBC. We recently purchased one of the ‘Paper Airplanes’ 2009 Calendars from your website, which we received earlier this week. The calendar looks brilliant! There is a chance we would like to feature this calendar in the Christmas Show we are recording next week. It would be featured in a small item we might do when we look at 2009 calendars with our guests. We did a similar thing last year and it went down really well. The show is recorded on the 9th and will be broadcast on the 30th December. Of course, we would need your permission to show your calendar onscreen so please could you confirm that you would allow us to feature ‘Paper Airplanes’ 2009 on the show.  

  (From London, UK)
Hi Mr Lee
Thanx for a great 2008 paperplane calender. I'm 37 yrs old and I still like folding paperplanes! But dont tell anyone else that. :-)
I was hoping to find the F4 Phantom plane in the 2008 Calander, as shown in gallery A of your website. Any chance of getting a copy of the planes somehow? Thanx again anyway

Hi Mr. Lee
My son and I just built a bunch of planes from our "Paper Airplane Fold a
Day Calendar". Many we have built this year fly well, but the Space Ship One "SS-01" (Februar 1st 2008) that you designed is an unbelievable! Good job!  I fly radio control electrics too! You should design a kit with that design  in mind! Thanks. We enjoy the calendar very much.  
From  Franklin, MA)

Hi Mr. Lee

I thought the calendar was a great idea.  It teaches children a lot about spatial relationships (I think that's what it's called), but the ability to see a finished product from a flat sheet of paper.  Already my 10 year old son seems to follow the steps better than I do.  Maybe he'll be a packaging engineer someday! 

Roger. (February 5, 2008)

Customer Reviews from Amazon.com

Great Fun... - January 19, 2015
Great fun.. awesome colors and no batteries to replace. Amazing designs that (usually) fly when directions followed. 4 stars due to the flimsy storage container/display I got the 2010 calendar 5 years ago and the box was MUCH sturdier and had a magnetic closing. I swapped out the boxes and tossed the 2015 box. We take this camping and the kids can fold paper airplanes all day.. and in one day we can fold 2 months worth of planes ... so much for being a calendar !! 


Great gift for boys February 6, 2009 
I got this for my preteen son as X'mas gift. He loves this. He enjoys the daily folding of airplane and he has a cardboard box to keep all paper airplanes (from this calendar). When the airplanes are not in the cardboard box, they are flying everywhere in my house. He also got the Mensa 365 Brain Puzzlers. He did not like that one as much as this airplane one, though.
By Smile "Tinting" (Andover, MA)


Incredible calendar!
January 7, 2009

This is the second folding airplane calendar I have bought for my classrooms. As a public school speech-language pathologist, I have used some of these during lessons with students who have difficulty following directions. It is amazing how hard they will work for the finished project that they can take with them. All of my students love them!

By dixiepeach (Auke Bay, AK)
Even better than imagined!

January 16, 2009
On a whim I bought this 2009 calendar for my 13-year old son. Oh my goodness, we could not have picked a better gift! He looks forward to each day when he can make a new plane. He'll try out each new one against the previous days to see which fly better. Some of the directions are a little hard to follow for him - no worries! It gives his father or me a chance to work on it with him. As an editor, I am so impressed with the quality of the calendar. EACH PAGE IS DECORATED! No kidding. That rocks. Many of the more difficult designs have direction lines that show where to make each fold. I think I'd like to take some of the cooler designs (they're all cool, yet some are just dynamite) and make a mobile for his room. The authors of this calendar did a fantastic job with this calendar.
A side note - we bought our other son (11) the origami calendar and that is just as cool. Such pretty paper!!
By GreatCookies (Des Moines)
Great Fun, Great Way to Keep Track of the Date,

November 24, 2007

I got my first "Paper Airplane Fold and Fly It!" 2007 calendar soon after retiring from the active duty U.S. Air Force and beginning a new career as an Air Force civilian. I took my calendar to the office and shared some planes with my co-workers who found them as fun, fascinating and as practical as I did. What a variety -- a new plane almost every day! I already have the new 2008 calendar on my desk, ready and waiting for the new year to begin, and I'm giving some as gifts to my kids, niece and nephew and some friends! For kids or adults, folding these planes is great, relaxing fun, but don't kid yourself -- they are also great exercise for the eyes, hands and brain. If you can resist folding too many days ahead, the calendar part comes in handy, too. Enjoy!
Chris A
Flying Fun      

January 23, 2008
I bought this calendar as a present for my boyfriend, who has recently joined the US Air Force. I was looking for some light-hearted fun to keep his spirits up while he's in training this year. He called me recently to tell me he'd finally received his package and that he loved the calendar. Said he can't wait to try out some of the designs and fly them down the hall in the barracks.
Sarah P J