Seaplane-Amphibious Aircraft

Bombardier 415
Image used with permission from Bombardier Aerospace, Montreal, Canada.

A  seaplane is an aircraft designed to take off and land on water. There are two types of seaplane: the floatplane and the flying boat. A floatplane has slender pontoons mounted under the fuselage so that the  fuselage remains above water. In the flying boat, the fuselage acts much like a boat. Most flying boats have small floats on the wings to keep them stable.  Modern production seaplanes are largely amphibious. An amphipious or amphibian aircraft is an aircraft that can land on either runways or water.

The Bombardier 415 is  an amphibian turboprop aircraft that is a flying boat with wheels.  It is designed for forest firefighting. It can hold 1621 gallons of water and refills its tanks by skimming the surface of any suitable body of water. It takes only 12 seconds to scoop up the 1621 gallon water load.

YouTube Video Clip
Canadair CL-415 Canadian Heavy Water Bomber in Action
by 73CDN