Drone Paper Airplane


This paper airplane resembles the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 Drone that has an inverted-V tail fin. This paper airplane is simple to fold and glides very well.  It requires few cuttings after few steps of folding. Template sheet may be downloaded. The folding instruction is also available from the Youtube.


 Step 1
Start with an  8 1/2"x11" paper.  Fold the paper in half crosswise and unfold. Then fold the top corners inward to the center crease.

Step 2
Turn over the paper.


Step 3
Fold the top point down to meet the bottom edge.

Step 4
Fold the top edge down along the edge of the top layers.




Step 5
Fold the triangle section up. 
Step 6
Fold the model in half.

Step 7
Draw the cutting lines as shown in red lines.
Cut two layers paper along the red lines.

Step 8
Fold the top layer section twice to form the boom part of the plane, and repeat the same foldings for the other bottom layer.
Crease the tail fin by folding and unfolding, then p
ush the tail fin inward to the boom parts as shown in Step 9.It is an inside-reverse fold.




Step 9
Fold the wing down for both sides.

Step 10
Adjust the wing as shown. The tail fin looks like an inverted V. For better flights, you may use double-sided tape to hold the gaps between two layers of the wing. Now plane is ready to fly.

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