Space Shuttle


This paper airplane resembles the NASA space shuttle orbiter. This origami plane is simple to fold and glides very well.  It is a slow glider so, toss it gently for better flight.

Folding Instructions


Step 1
Start with an  8 1/2"x11" paper.  Fold paper in half vertically. 


Step 2
Make a valley fold and unfold.



Step 3
Insert the bottom corner point inward as shown in figure. This inside reverse fold makes a tail fin.

Step 4
Fold the top layer as shown in figure.




Step 5
 Repeat Step 4 on the other side. 


Step 6
Make a valley fold along the vertical dashed line.

Step 7
Unfold the flap and make a mountain fold so that the flap is under the top sheet. Repeat behind. 

Step 8
 Fold down the wing section. Repeat behind.



Step 9
Make another valley folding upward.

Step 10
Repeat Step 9 on the other side wing.

Step 11
Make a 3-dimensional shape as shown in figure. The Shuttle Paper Airplane is complete and ready to fly.  Make sure the back view of your plane matches the diagram shown in figure.

Copyright © 2005 by Kyong H. Lee.  All rights reserved.