Twin Prop

twin prop models

Folding Instructions


1. With the colored side down, fold paper in half and unfold. Fold the top corners inward to the center crease line.


2. Fold the tip downward along edge of the top layer, crease and unfold.
Turn the model over.


3. Fold the paper down along line 4. Then fold up the tip along line 3 (This crease line was made in step 2)


4. Fold A corner along the edge (line 7) of the top layer and unfold. Then fold top layer o section along line 6A. Then unfold.


5. Fold A to B along line 6A while bringing C to D.



6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the right side. Fold the top layer corners outward. Unfold.


7. Lift A and fold upward while bringing B to C. Repeat on the right side.  It should look like this.


8. Fold up the center flap along line C. Then turn over.


9. Fold the tip down along line D and fold the tip upward along line E. Then turn over.


10. Valley fold model in half. Then fold wings down. Fold rudders (wing-tips) up. Note the front view diagram.


11. Completed “Twin Props” looks like this. You may insert a piece of double sided tape into each propeller layers for better flight.


12. If you would like more realistic twin props, go back to step 10 and cut the paper as indicated. Repeat step 11 for completion. You may add elevators by cutting at the trailing edge.(see photo image)


13. You may add a tail fin and insert a piece of double-sided tape into each propeller layers.
The Twin Prop is complete.