F-16  Falcon Paper Airplane
Folding Instructions

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Step 1
 Fold the paper in lengthwise and then unfold the paper. Fold the top corners inward to the center crease.

Step 2
 Fold the left top layer to meet the sloping edge as indicated by the arrows.


Step 3

Fold the left top layer again as shown in diagram. This part becomes the cockpit.

Step 4

Fold the tip down along edge of the triangle top layer.



Step 5
Fold the top corners inward to the center crease and unfold the right side corner.
Step 6
Put your index finger under the flap and lift the flap toward left.

Step 7

Flip the flap to the left side (C meets D) and flatten point A to point B.

Step 8
Fold this new triangle flap to the right side. Unfold the left side flap and repeat
steps 6-8.


Step 9
Fold both flaps toward the center crease.


Step 10
Make a mountain fold at the top corner section along line A. Unfold both flaps.


Step 11

Put your index finger under the flap. Pull up the tip while pressing the base part.

Step 12

Fold sides in and flatten the nose section.

Step 13

Pull out a triangle cockpit flap from the left side of nose section.

Step 14

Fold the model in half.

Step 15

Fold the wing tips (mountain fold) and fold down both wings. Keep both folding lines are parallel.

Step 16

 Adjust creases to match the profile. Bend up the trailing edge of the wings for better lift.

Step 17

Steps 1-14 are same as type A. Draw the cutting lines using a ruler and pencil. Cut red lines. (Both wings together)

Step 18

Fold the wing tip tail to the left.

Step 19

Fold the missile part in half and fold down one more time. Fold both wings down.

Step 20

Adjust creases to match the profile. You may cut a tail fin from other sheet of paper and tape on the tail section. It is an optional task.

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